​​McGowan White Lumber has been in the lumber business since 1978.  We offer Southern Yellow pine in all grades and dimensions, as well as plywood, hardwood dunnage, and many other industrial products.  We pride ourselves on the "doing what we say we will do, when we said we would do it" attitude!  We would value the opportunity to talk to you and discuss what you may be in the market for!

McGowan White Lumber SYP and Spruce All Dimensions And Grades offered. SYP/HW Dunnage Lumber And LST's

Dunnage, hardwood and pine is a specialty of ours.  We manufacture all of our dunnage, we offer LST's (landscape timbers), 3x3's, 2.5x2.5, any size you require, we can cut it!

We offer shipments on all the lumber we supply, just in time service.  We can also customize your tallies to meet your needs.

​​​​McGowan White Lumber

PO Box 204625

Augusta, Georgia 30917-4625

​Phone- 706-860-3325

Greenville SC Office- 864-395-7751

We offer all grades in Southern Yellow Pine, treated and untreated as well! Our specialty is industrial grade lumber and dunnage lumber for all your packaging and crating needs! We also supply all dimensions lumber for wooden pallets. Boards and timbers of all sizes are available.